Can You Get Rid of Rodents Completely?

Rodents tend to destroy everything in your home. Getting rid of rodents is not easy and getting rid of them is very tough. But following some right tips at the right time can be beneficial for the removal of rodents. They tend to come back during winters and in swamp areas. Further, mice and rats are like guests at your home. They just need a small hole to enter and change everything at your place. So, you can make your home rodent-proof but that also can’t always stop them.

Here are Some Effective Ways to Keep Rodents Away from Your Home

It’s Best to Seal all the Entry Points

When it comes to Rodent removal, you should plan about sealing all the important places. You can install screenings at their place to keep all kinds of pets outside. Check all the doors and windows for small holes. If you seem to check any, seal it away immediately. Mice need just 1/4th inch holes to get inside. Keep on walking all around your homes and check for all the small holes. You should seal the entry points as easily as possible. 

Keep Food Out of Reach of Rodents

Mice gather at your homes when they get food smells. Don’t keep open containers and garbage bags. Keep even the pet foods completely sealed. You should be cautious about the way you keep food. Only when it’s time to feed your pets, can you open the food containers? If mice and rodents find food anywhere on the floors, they will gather around. Also, when it is in easy locations, they can enter easily.

Eliminating All the Rat Shelters

Despite trying everything, it’s hard to control the rats. They get entry points from somewhere and enter easily. Rats love taking shelter at someplace for a long time. So, it’s best if you eliminate all of these shelters. Clearing the shelters will not give the rats any place to go. It is a time-consuming task but you need to do it for your good.

Do Proper Home Maintenance

People who live in big villas have extra work when it comes to cleanliness. The landscape, if damaged, provides a major breeding ground for the rodents. Further, it also allows the rats to enter the homes. A front yard is the first place from where they will enter. So, this will encourage the rats to take up shelter and if not addressed properly, they will keep coming back. 

Using Some Home Remedies

If you want to get rid of rodents, go with home remedies too. Rodent removal is possible by spreading hot chilli flakes on the grounds. You can also spray peppermint oil near the rat holes. Onions can be kept in the open without any lid. Rats hate the pungent smell of onions and tend to run away from the same place. 


Rodents and rats are a major concern in every home. Homeowners do get tensed with Rodent removal. So, it’s your job to look after your homes and take necessary precautions. If you need professional pest control Services help, you can consult professionals.